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Like a mom email, but this time in person! [Dec. 24th, 2016|01:35 pm]
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This is a 2nd hand story told to me by my sister as I was sleeping at the time this conversation happened.

My sister's boyfriend Andy has come over to spend Xmas weekend in SB. A terrible idea, but whatever.

Mom: "Andy, Tessa is my very sweet daughter. Be nice to her. Take care of each other an encourage each other. "
**turn away in conclusion, hesitate, turn back**
Mom: "Tessa always brings me such joy....not so much Vicki.."

My mom and I have been in a long running argument since November, so I thought this was hilarious. I can only imagine Andy's face.

Best response quote: "That is something only an asian mother would say."
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"Ok, but first let me tell you how i'm not stubborn“ [Apr. 10th, 2013|03:38 pm]
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So my mother is planning on remodeling the house. She sends me floor plans and wants to know what I think about them.
Since this is the house I grew up in, I have some feels about this, and so Sunday night I spend like 3 hours screen-sharing on skype to explain exactly what I'd do differently.

My mother calls me at work 2 days later to ask me to send her my doodled changes. This is a summarized transcription of what happened
M: Oh I see, I found them.
V: Yeah but I changed my mind, I actually dont think you should have a wall there
M: Oh yes, I wasn't going to do that anyway. Sometimes you can be very stubborn
V: I...what? /I/ can be very stubborn? How do you even..? That's like pot calling kettle black! YOU are the one that never listens!
M: No no! I USED to be stubborn, but I have changed. I am different now, not like you, so stubborn.
V: How do you even.. NO! I'm not talking to you about this at work, I have stuff I need to do. I'll talk to you later

(after work)

V: Hi Mom, do you want to hear what I meant by...
M: Good you call Vicki, You said earlier today that I am very stubborn.
V: What? Are we still talking about this? I didn't even, YOU said-
M: But this is not true, YOU are the one who is stubborn
V: If I AM I LEARNED IT FROM YOU! Do you want to hear my idea or not!?
M: No but I want to tell you that because you are so stubborn-
V: OMG are we going to talk about the house plan or are you going to stubbornly talk about how not stubborn you are?
M: I have changed, and am now a good listener, but you are still so stub-
V: Goodbye Mom, we will talk when you stop talking about who is more stubborn.

(Tell Mike about the ridiculous conversation I just had with Mom)
(He proceeds to IM my sister in Taiwan while I go off and faff about online)

Tessa: but i think its a chinese thing to talk a lot and waste other people's time
Mike:  yeah
i think the chinese view conversation as a zero sum game
"If the other person hates the conversation more, then I have won the conversation"

(In the meantime while Mike is IMing my sister I receive an email)

From: Mom 5:54pm
Subj: It will be your loss, not my loss
It is YOU want me to hear from you,
It is NOT me want to hear from you.
It will be your loss, if you do not want to express your idea.

From: Vicki 8:14pm (the instant after I see the above email)
Subj: RE: It will be your loss, not my loss
No its yours. have fun in your house.

(At this point Mike IMs me the conversation with my sister.)
The next morning, my mothers reply:
Reply:Collapse )

Maturity. My family is rolling in it.

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...I have shingles. [Jan. 24th, 2013|09:48 pm]
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No, actually I really do.

So I've had an itchy patch on my leg for a couple months, and I dont pay much attention to it, its dry out here and cold in winter, and I don't bother with it much. I look at it on Monday and it is No Good. But its a holiday, and I'm lazy, and it doesn't hurt, its just gross looking. So, today, Thursday night, I finally end up going to the doctor. And he looks at my NO GOOD patch, and goes. 

Dr: "Oh. That's shingles"
V: "Um, you mean, the old persons chicken pox shingles?"
Dr: "That's what it looks like"
V: "fan-tastic."
Dr: "When did you discover them?"
V: "Like Sunday? Or Monday?
Dr: "Well the antivirals are only effective if you get them within 72 hours"
V: "...faaaan-tastic"

[For those who are morbidly curious]
Dark red blister pustules, that later turn a dark enough purple to look black. It is not pretty, although i guess fortunately it is only about an inch square. Photo to be added tomorrow

Sarah contributes: "'It may already be inside you!' Shingles. Its like the surprise buttsex of diseases!" 
All I can think of is thi classic ad.
Shingles, a comedy goldmine.
Probably because besides being on my leg, in a relatively small square inch patch, it doesn't hurt at all, and my only real complaint is that it'll probably scar. Where I always wear pants.
So, as far as having an excruciatingly painful and debilitating disease outbreak, I'm actually doing pretty well, thanks!
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New foster kitty Terrence! [Jun. 17th, 2012|02:02 pm]
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We have our new foster kitty! After being given an extreme run around by the county animal shelters. A cat rescue in Tehachapi found me a rescue in Ridgecrest. Which is ridiculous as the animal shelter is like 4 streets away from this rescue and they should have known about them. These volunteers run a cat sanctuary/rescue and they were delighted to hear that I was offering to foster an adult cat. All their cats are extremely well adjusted, used to dogs, people, handling, each of them have names and noted little personality quirks. They live in big communal rooms except for cats that don't do well with other cats, or cats with medical issues who have to live in cages. 

Terrence and his brother came to the shelter when they were kittens in 2006. Clarence was orange and white, and Terrance was...a scab ball. Terrance is allergic to the following things: corn, wheat, soy, fish, bleach, other grains...he breaks out in rashes and his fur falls out. Because of the prevalence of these things in cat food and litter, Terrence cannot touch the other cats supplies, and guess what most cat cages are washed out with? Every couple of months someone might forget that he has his own special supplies and cleaners, or forgets to take away the boxes and food when he's let out, and boom, scabby patchy sad Terrance. So he's 6 years old as has lived largely in a cage his whole life. So when the volunteers heard I was looking to foster a single adult cat they were so excited for him (they actually had other cats to introduce as well, but they were rooting for Terrence). Because of his issues he is designated as a "special needs" cat, and it basically gives him a zero chance for adoption. Which is an extreme shame because he is so sweet and affectionate. He loves being held, and will follow us around the house, he's very well behaved, and isn't very much a climber or jumper at all. 

So we went to meet him Friday and we got along great, so after the house inspection on Sat, we have a brand new foster kitty! I am working on toilet training him and as he is quite clever I think it can be done! Should anyone be looking for an amazing kitty that totally deserves a forever home, perhaps you will consider Terrence? 


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Fandom explosion!! [Mar. 12th, 2012|10:10 pm]
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Okay, so arekuru tells me about this new fandomwar going on. On tumblr, the site that I can't figure out. Yet for some reason all the best artwork is on. Srsly. What gives?

http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/1284996.html has a summary of what happened. But if you don't follow either Sherlock or this Korean boy band called ShinEE it may be of no interest to you. I have no explanation for arekuru's personal interest, but she is easily amused by the internets?

If you do have an interest in either of these fandoms, it will likely be hilariously of interest. Just hope that you aren't a tumblr devotee cause then you might have personal stake involved.

The gem of this entire thing? This link:

I am currently living in an extended stay hotel. I can only hope that my current neighbors (i have rooms to either side of me) are only staying a week or so, because they probably think I am BATSHIT CRAZY. Upon my first click of that link I bust up cackling so hard that I think i might have ripped something in my throat. 

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East Coast Goings-On [Feb. 13th, 2012|08:25 pm]
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So! From 27 Feb to 24 May, I will be residing in Lexington Park, MD in a hotel, for work! Yes! This will be East Coast Vicki! Living on her own for the first time in her life!

I am very excited, very excited indeed.

Now hear my dilemma. It is likely that I will return to the east coast later this year for another 2 month stint. My choice is however, Aug-Sept, or Oct-Nov.

Labor Day weekend is Dragon Con. It is in Atlanta, GA (which is not close enough to drive, but still closer than across the country). This is the worlds largest sci-fi/fantasy con. WORLDS LARGEST, if you didn't read that closely enough the first time, SCI-FI/FANTASY con. Is it worth it? To suffer through the heat and humidity of summer, to be that much closer to the glory that must be Dragoncon? I'm honestly thinking about it.

Edit: No, it doesn't make any sense, I will one day spend the money to fly to Dragoncon for the weekend all the way from CA. i'm just going to have to suck it up until then... but I REALLY WANT TO GO....

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The saddest sauce of all [Feb. 12th, 2012|01:12 pm]
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So I've been particularly hard to find these last two weeks because I went on a kindle bender. A kindle bender of epic proportion. So when I got this ebook reader, I wasn't really sure how to feel about it. I spend a lot of time changing the screen savers, and some time loading music, and playing with the extra bits and bobs included with it, and downloading free license books that are over 100 years old that I will most likely never get around to reading, and then I put it aside for a month or so. 

Come mid January I got caught in an obsessive loop that caused me to tear the house apart looking for books that I know I own, but have not yet unpacked from their boxes due to a severe lack of proper bookshelf. I was to have a 7'x3' wooden bookshelf built so I didn't have to stand for this particleboard crap anymore, and it was to be marvelous. Unfortunately that was about 6 months ago and still no shelves. So, knowing that I'm a freak about my books and pack them ever so carefully and properly, unpacking the boxes to search for THAT ONE BOOK was ultimate hell. So I took the easy way out and purchased a copy of it on the kindle. Then some more. Then I bought in on the HUGO nominations, and promised myself that I'd go through all the sci fi/fantasy that was published last year so I can do a good job of nominating. On Jan 26th I told myself that I would go on hiatus and no longer do this anymore. At least until February came around.

This is what happened in February. That isn't actually all of it, it is merely what would fit in a single screenshot. I made a promise to myself that I would do my level best to not purchase ebooks over $4 bucks. Unless they were new releases that I had to own THIS INSTANT (note: there is virtually no bookstore in the town I now live in), and then I'd end up purchasing a paper copy if I indeed ended up loving it (highly likely) the next time I came to a bookstore that carried it. Please refer to above problems with lack of shelf storage. 
So I looked about and found that certain books were having promotional sales! As in the first of these series were either $0.00 or $0.99. And I go, oh! What a wonderful deal! I can totally give this book a try if its that cheap. And then I needed all the rest, and some of the other books also on sale, and then I fell into a kindle bender. It BEGAN as a tasteful (as far as I go) kindle bender, but soon devolved as I ran out of my preferred genre for under <$4. Unfortunately smartbitchestrashybooks.com just so happens to have a cheap/free ebooks tag. And a long list of books. I bet you can see where this is going. And that is the story of how I ended up reading 22 books in the last 2 weeks. I'd estimate a bit under half of those are trashy romance. THEY WERE ALL $0.99!!!! AND SO EASY AND MINDLESS TO READ! I COULD NOT STOP MYSELF! 

And now my kindle obsession has burnt itself out and I find myself staring mindlessly at the computer. I believe that Amazon may have broken me. I have no desire to do....anything. I feel very lost and adrift. People often ask my why I don't drink and besides my stock reason of being Asian and having no alcohol tolerance whatsoever, its likely that I fear that my obsessiveness may one day extend into booze. I have several drugs of choice, and I need to spend my money sparingly. If I actually spent money on alcohol, how would I save for shit like THIS?!?!? Which by the way, was totally worth it forever and ever.

I lick it every day.

Maybe I really am broken...

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I smell a new ship... [Jan. 3rd, 2012|07:50 pm]
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Robert and Jude, what did you particularly relish about developing the Holmes/Watson bromance?
[JL winces]
RDJ: He doesn’t like it when you say bromance.
JL: I think it belittles it, it is more than that! What did I relish? What did we relish? What did you relish?


Though it has not reached the heights of obsession that Avengers has cursed me with, Sherlock Holmes has a very compelling...um....what was I talking about?
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Anne McCaffrey [Nov. 28th, 2011|11:30 am]
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Oh Anne McCaffrey. You were the first real grown up sci-fi author I ever read, way back when I was a wee hatchling. You practically saw me through the ends of elementary till at least mid high school.

Then you sort of ran out of ideas, or became crazy, or maybe a mixture of the two, idk. Whatever it was, I still loved you but our paths were to slowly diverge, the rift between us ever growing, the wedge of the Acorna series and your apparent need to bestow Pern as a birthright to your son being just two of a myriad of simple reasons. Perhaps we were not meant to be.

You were relegated to the backshelves of my collection, in fact, I'm not even sure if you're here, in this house in Ridgecrest with me. I'm sorry Anne McCaffrey,

Your work was with me as I passed through the awkwardness of puberty and beyond, and I will always remember you at your prime. And try to never ever find that interview that Nicole keeps trying to get me to read where apparently you make some batshit crazy analogies.

RIP Anne McCaffrey. The woman who brought dragons alive.

A/N: So totally wrong, but need to share...the song currently playing on my computer (completely random shuffle) is Voltaire- See You In Hell. Ohhh, I'm sorry Anne McCaffrey!

P.P.S 1 minute later, next song? OK Go - No Sign of Life. >__<
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Belgrade to Novi Sad [Nov. 12th, 2011|10:40 pm]
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Our hilarious hostel owner in Belgrade took us down to the pub and made me drink rakia. Totally unbeknownst to me, Serbia is like a party central, as in any excuse to party. The stories are kind of unbelievable. Apparently during the NATO bombing of Belgrade the people were afraid they'd bomb the bridge connecting the east and west end of the city leaving them isolated. So there were three reactions when the air sirens went off. 1) keep calm and you weren't next to a strategic point, 2) bunker down in a basement 3) Run to the bridge with all the other people and protect the bridge with your body. But then they figured, well, if we're all here, and we're all prepared to die, well, we might as well have a party. So they moved in trucks with speakers and platforms and they had a massive bridge party. Every time there was an air raid. And NATO never bombed that bridge. Serbians. Absolutely mad.

Guca (gucha) is a music festival that happens sometimes in August. Its like a Burning Man for me...like 20 something stages of crazy horn bands and gypsy music, there are many accordions. Apparently its held in a town that has a normal population of about 200, and people come from all over Europe for this. And that isn't the only music festival Serbia hosts. Seriously insane.

From the descriptions I get, basically (Belgrade at the very least) is just one seething mass of drunk parties in the summer. With every possible kind of music you could ever think of, then it spills out into the streets and onto the waterways. Yes they have discotheque barges, with foam cannons. Utter madness.

I think i'm glad to come in the winter, its much calmer, but then again, when you come to a place like this its maybe just a little disappointing to miss it all...
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